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Provider Information

Courses Available

1. A Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (w/Video)(1 hr)
2. Administering Medications: Injections (w/Video)
3. Administering Medications: Medication Safety and Oral Medications (w/Video)
4. Administering Medications: Topical, Suppository and Inhalant Medications (w/Video)
5. Airway Care: Tracheostomy Care, Tube Change, and Artificial Airway Cuff Management (w/Video)(1 hr)
6. Anatomy and Physiology: The Cardiovascular System (w/Video)
7. Anatomy and Physiology: The Digestive System (w/Video)
8. Anatomy and Physiology: The Endocrine System (w/Video)
9. Anatomy and Physiology: The Integumentary System (w/Video)
10. Anatomy and Physiology: The Muscular System (w/Video)
11. Anatomy and Physiology: The Nervous System (w/Video)
12. Anatomy and Physiology: The Reproductive System (w/Video)
13. Anatomy and Physiology: The Respiratory System (w/Video)
14. Anatomy and Physiology: The Skeletal System (w/Video)
15. Anatomy and Physiology: The Urinary System (w/Video)
16. Assessment of the Newborn: Cardiopulmonary Assessment and Cardiac Anomalies (w/Video)(1 hr)
17. Assessment of the Newborn: Gestational Age and Newborn Reflexes (w/Video)(1 hr)
18. Assessment of the Newborn: Physical Anomalies and Neurologic Issues (w/Video)(1 hr)
19. Assessment of the Newborn: The First 10 Minutes (w/Video)(1 hr)
20. Assessment of the Newborn: The Head to Toe Assessment (w/Video)(1 hr)
21. Auscultation of Breath Sounds: Abnormal Breath Sounds (Basic Clinical Skills - Not for CE Credit) (w/Video)
22. Auscultation of Breath Sounds: Normal Breath Sounds (Basic Clinical Skills - Not for CE Credit) (w/Video)
23. Basic Clinical Skills: The Bed Bath (w/Video)
24. Basic Clinical Skills: Urethral Catheterization (w/Video)
25. Basic Oxygen Administration (w/Video)
26. Bedmaking: The Well-Made Bed (w/Video)
27. Cardiac Auscultation: Abnormal Heart Sounds, Part 1 (Basic Clinical Skills - Not for CE Credit) (w/Video)
28. Cardiac Auscultation: Abnormal Heart Sounds, Part 2 (Basic Clinical Skills - Not for CE Credit) (w/Video)
29. Cardiac Auscultation: Normal Heart Sounds (w/Video)
30. Cardiac Auscultation: The Anatomy and Physiology of Heart Sounds (w/Video)
31. Cardiac Auscultation: The Process of Basic Cardiac Auscultation (w/Video)
32. Caring for the Stoma, Caring for the Patient: Enterostomal Therapy Nursing (w/Video)(1 hr)
33. Common Feeding Tubes: Nasogastric Intubation (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
34. Common Feeding Tubes: Replacement Balloon Gastrostomy Tubes (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
35. Confidentiality: HIPAA Regulations (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
36. Confidentiality: How to Maintain Patient Confidentiality (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
37. Confidentiality: Vignettes (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
38. CPR: A Guide for Healthcare Workers (w/Video)
39. Current Issues in Tuberculosis: Infection Control Procedures (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
40. Current Issues in Tuberculosis: The American Epidemic (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
41. Diabetes in Clinical Practice (w/Video)(1 hr)
42. Documentation: Electronic Medical Records - Federal Regulations (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
43. Documentation: Essentials of Nursing Documentation (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
44. EKG Interpretation and Response: Anatomy of the Heart, Reading an EKG (w/Video)(1 hr)
45. EKG Interpretation and Response: Atrial Dysrhythmias, Junctional Dysrhythmias, Heart Block (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
46. EKG Interpretation and Response: Sinus Dysrhythmias (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
47. EKG Interpretation and Response: Ventricular Dysrhythmias and Patient Care (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
48. Enteral Feeding Tubes: A Guide for Nurses, Part 1: Tube Identification (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
49. Enteral Feeding Tubes: A Guide for Nurses, Part 2: Administering Formula and Medication (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
50. Enteral Feeding Tubes: A Guide for Nurses, Part 3: Daily Care and Troubleshooting (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
51. Evidence-Based Practice: What It Is and What It Is Not (w/Video)(1 hr)
52. Fall Prevention in Long Term Care Part 1: Risk Assessment (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
53. Fall Prevention in Long Term Care Part 2: Preventive Strategies and Products (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
54. Fall Prevention in Long Term Care Part 3: A Comprehensive Fall Prevention Program (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
55. Fall Prevention Part 1: Risk Assessment (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
56. Fall Prevention Part 2: Preventative Strategies and Products (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
57. Fall Prevention Part 3: A Comprehensive Fall Prevention Program (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
58. Fighting Antimicrobial-resistant Pathogens (w/Video)(1 hr)
59. Fluids and Electrolytes Balance: Basics (w/Video)
60. Fluids and Electrolytes Balance: Electrolyte Imbalances (w/Video)
61. Fluids and Electrolytes Balance: Fluid Volume Imbalances (w/Video)
62. HIPAA for Healthcare Workers: An Overview (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
63. HIPAA for Healthcare Workers: The Privacy Rule (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
64. HIPAA for Healthcare Workers: The Security Rule (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
65. HIPAA for Medical Assistants, Part 1: An Overview (w/Video)
66. HIPAA for Medical Assistants, Part 2: The Privacy Rule (w/Video)
67. HIPAA for Medical Assistants, Part 3: The Security Rule (w/Video)
68. How the Body Ages, Part 1: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Musculoskeletal Systems (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
69. How the Body Ages, Part 2: Central Nervous System, The Senses, and Emotions (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
70. How the Body Ages, Part 3: Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary and Integumentary Systems (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
71. Infection Control for the Medical Assistant: Part 1: Principles of Infection Control (w/Video)
72. Infection Control for the Medical Assistant: Part 2: Preventing Bloodborne Pathogen Transmission (w/Video)
73. Infection Control for the Medical Assistant: Part 3: Tuberculosis Prevention (w/Video)
74. Infection Control in Healthcare: An Introduction (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
75. Infection Control in Healthcare: Multidrug-resistant Organisms (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
76. Infection Control in Healthcare: Precautions (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
77. Infection Control in Healthcare: Regulatory and Administrative Measures (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
78. Infection Control in Healthcare: Safe Work Practices (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
79. Intravenous Therapy: Basics and Venipuncture (w/Video)
80. Intravenous Therapy: Pediatrics (w/Video)
81. Intravenous Therapy: Recognizing and Treating Complications (w/Video)
82. Intravenous Therapy: Routine Care and Discontinuation (w/Video)
83. Lifting Safely to Prevent Injury (w/Video)(1 hr)
84. Measuring Vital Signs for Medical Assistants Part 1: Temperature, Pulse, Respiration (w/Video)
85. Measuring Vital Signs for Medical Assistants Part 2: Blood Pressure, Pain (w/Video)
86. Measuring Vital Signs Part 1: Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration (w/Video)
87. Measuring Vital Signs Part 2: Blood Pressure and Pain (w/Video)
88. Measuring Weight and Height for Medical Assistants (w/Video)
89. Medical Errors, Part 1: New Approaches to an Old Problem (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
90. Medical Errors, Part 2: Prevention Practices (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
91. Medical Errors, Part 3: Preventing Medication Errors (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
92. Nursing Negligence: What You Can Do (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
93. Obstetrical Nursing: Assisted Delivery and Cesarean Section (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
94. Obstetrical Nursing: Caring for the Antepartum Patient (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
95. Obstetrical Nursing: Caring for the Postpartum Patient (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
96. Obstetrical Nursing: Complications of Pregnancy (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
97. Obstetrical Nursing: Electronic Fetal Monitoring (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
98. Obstetrical Nursing: Labor and Delivery (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
99. Obstetrical Nursing: Newborn Stabilization and Care (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
100. Obstetrical Nursing: Pain Control (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
101. Patient Rights (w/Video)(2 hr)
102. Pediatric Pain Management: Assessing Pediatric Pain (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
103. Pediatric Pain Management: Treating Pediatric Pain (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
104. Pediatric Pain Management: Understanding Pediatric Pain (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
105. Pharmacology and the Healthcare Professional: Pharmacodynamics: What the Drug Does to the Body (w/Video)
106. Pharmacology and the Healthcare Professional: Pharmacokinetics: What the Body Does to a Drug (w/Video)
107. Pharmacology and the Healthcare Professional: Pharmacology and the Healthcare Process (w/Video)
108. Pharmacology and the Healthcare Professional: Principles of Pharmacology (w/Video)
109. Preventing Bloodborne Infections in Long Term Care: Bloodborne Viruses (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
110. Preventing Bloodborne Infections in Long Term Care: Engineering Controls and Workplace Practice Controls (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
111. Preventing Bloodborne Infections in Long Term Care: Preventing Transmission, Protecting Yourself (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
112. Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Bloodborne Viruses (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
113. Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Engineering Controls and Workplace Practice Controls (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
114. Preventing Bloodborne Infections: Preventing Transmission, Protecting Yourself (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
115. Preventing Elder Abuse: Helping Keep Residents Safe (w/Video)(1 hr)
116. Preventing Medication Errors Part 1: General Recommendations for System-wide Change (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
117. Preventing Medication Errors Part 2: Sources of Errors and Basic Safety Practices (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
118. Preventing Medication Errors Part 3: What Nurses Can Do (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
119. Preventing Needlestick Injuries (w/Video)(1 hr)
120. Preventing Needlestick Injuries for Medical Assistants (w/Video)
121. Professionalism for Medical Assistants (w/Video)
122. Professionalism in Healthcare, Part 1: Professional Behavior, Attitude, and Attire (w/ Video)
123. Professionalism in Healthcare, Part 2: Patient Interactions, Communication, and Personal Development (w/ Video)
124. Protecting Your Body At Work, Part 1: Your Muscles and Bones (w/Video)
125. Protecting Your Body At Work, Part 2: The Mechanics of Lifting and Moving (w/Video)
126. Protecting Your Body At Work, Part 3: Moving Patients Safely (w/Video)
127. Rapid Physical Assessment (w/Video)(1 hr)
128. Respiratory Distress in the Pediatric Patient: Anatomy, Physiology, and Breath Sounds (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
129. Respiratory Distress in the Pediatric Patient: Assessment and Intervention (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
130. Restraints: Alternatives to Restraints (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
131. Restraints: Legal Considerations and Patient Rights (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
132. Restraints: Safe Application of Restraints (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
133. Serious Reportable Events: Hospital-acquired Conditions in Inpatient Settings (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
134. Serious Reportable Events: Identification and Prevention Part 1 (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
135. Serious Reportable Events: Identification and Prevention Part 2 (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
136. Sexual Harassment in California Healthcare (w/Video)(2 hr)
137. Sexual Harassment in Healthcare (w/Video)(1 hr)
138. Suctioning: Nasotracheal Suctioning and Monitoring Complications (w/Video)
139. Suctioning: Oropharyngeal and Endotracheal Techniques (w/Video)
140. The Challenge of Healthcare Literacy (w/Video)(1 hr)
141. The Human Immune System: Overview of Anatomy and Function (w/Video)(1 hr)
142. The Human Immune System: The Immune Response (w/Video)(1 hr)
143. The Human Immune System: When It Turns Against the Body (w/Video)(1 hr)
144. The Nursing Assistant: Assessment: Recognizing Abnormal Signs and Symptoms (w/Video)
145. The Nursing Assistant: Bedmaking (w/Video)
146. The Nursing Assistant: Caring for Residents with Dignity and Respect (w/Video)
147. The Nursing Assistant: Communication with Residents & Their Families (w/Video)
148. The Nursing Assistant: Dementia Care, Part 1 (w/Video)
149. The Nursing Assistant: Dementia Care, Part 2 (w/Video)
150. The Nursing Assistant: Dementia Care, Part 3 (w/Video)
151. The Nursing Assistant: Documentation (w/Video)
152. The Nursing Assistant: Essential Elimination Skills (w/Video)
153. The Nursing Assistant: Fall Prevention (w/Video)
154. The Nursing Assistant: Incontinence Care (w/Video)
155. The Nursing Assistant: Infection Control (w/Video)
156. The Nursing Assistant: Infection Control Skills (w/Video)
157. The Nursing Assistant: Measuring Vital Signs (w/Video)
158. The Nursing Assistant: Measuring Weight and Height (w/Video)
159. The Nursing Assistant: Moving and Turning Skills (w/Video)
160. The Nursing Assistant: Nutrition & Hydration (w/Video)
161. The Nursing Assistant: Ostomy, Urinary Drainage and Catheter Care (w/Video)
162. The Nursing Assistant: Pain Management (w/Video)
163. The Nursing Assistant: Personal Care Skills for the Care Provider (w/Video)
164. The Nursing Assistant: Positioning Techniques (w/Video)
165. The Nursing Assistant: Pressure Ulcer Prevention (w/Video)
166. The Nursing Assistant: Providing Oral Care (w/Video)
167. The Nursing Assistant: Range of Motion Exercises (w/Video)
168. The Nursing Assistant: Recognizing & Reporting Changes in a Resident's Mental Condition (w/Video)
169. The Nursing Assistant: Recognizing & Reporting Physical Changes in a Resident's Condition (w/Video)
170. The Nursing Assistant: Resident Rights (w/Video)
171. The Nursing Assistant: Safe Transfer (w/Video)
172. The Nursing Assistant: Serving A Meal (w/Video)
173. The Nursing Assistant: Techniques in Bathing: The Bed Bath (w/Video)
174. The Nursing Assistant: Techniques in Bathing: Tub Bath, Shower, Shampoo and Perineal Care (w/Video)
175. The Nursing Assistant: Techniques in Toileting and Incontinent Care (w/Video)
176. The Nursing Assistant: Transfer and Ambulation Skills (w/Video)
177. The Nursing Assistant: Understanding & Caring for Residents with Depression (w/Video)
178. The Nursing Assistant: Understanding Abuse & Neglect (w/Video)
179. The Nursing Assistant: Understanding Skin Breakdown (w/Video)
180. The Nursing Assistant: Wandering & Elopement (w/Video)
181. Violence in Healthcare, Part One: Empowering You to Be Prepared! (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
182. Violence in Healthcare, Part Two: What to Do When Violence Occurs (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
183. Wound Care Part 1: Physiology (w/Video)(0.5 hr)
184. Wound Care Part 2: Assessment and Documentation (w/Video)(1 hr)